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Reuse my shower water? W.H.O. investigates!

Here at Water Heaters Only, Inc. Ft. Worth, we try to keep up on the latest technology when it comes to hot water showers.

We look to Austin, Texas and the South by Southwest festival for inspiration. At 2016’s festival, we discovered showers that reuse their own water and we just had to dig deeper.

 A Japanese company has invented “Hotaru.” It is a compact shower that can be used anywhere and filters its own water so that 5 gallons of water can be used for 220 gallons of hot water shower time.


The Japanese are good at making most things portable! Here is a converted Uhaul truck turned restaurant!

Sound too good to be true?  Well, yes, the company is in the prototype stage but their showers were on display at SXSW in Austin and even had Japanese models (full clothed) shower demonstrating them.

The shower holds five gallons of water and filters its water after each use. Hotaru houses various sensors and alerts to maintain water purification.

The company is inspired by their concept of “water freedom” and the portability of the shower (it fits into a small suitcase) makes hot showers possible anywhere.


Japan is famous for their plumbing technology. This toilet will sing to you with a heated seat!

The showers will run off a car’s power, but need to be plugged in for the internal hot water heater to work.

It’s an idea whose time may have come as water shortages on the planet necessitate conservation.

Here is the concept video for the portable shower of the future.

For the present time, our high efficiency hot water heaters will help you save the planet one shower at a time!

For any questions, comments, or hot water heater needs, Water Heaters Only, Inc. Ft. Worth is here for you 24 hours a day at (817) 274-7600.

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